Entête Folie Technique


This cultural mediation project aims to bring together elementary students with students from Polytechnique Montréal. Accompanied by future engineers, the elementary school students are introduced to architecture, electrical engineering, robotics and multimedia. The aim is to design and build a labyrinth located in a specific environment, where robotic machines move about. A multimedia documentary produced by the students showcases the collective process and the institutions involved. The activity is offered free of charge to schools selected to take part in the project.

“The cultural mediation projects provided by the Une école montréalaise pour tous (A Montréal School for All) initiative aim to bring cultural experiences (artistic, literary or scientific) to students from disadvantaged and multi-ethnic communities in Montréal, and to increase their participation in Montréal’s cultural and social life. The meetings, discussions, tours and productions that flow from these projects help students develop their skills and become better equipped to take their rightful place in society. They also help school workers to become familiar with approaches that they can use in their work.”