Entête Folie Technique


Folie Technique offers two-hour science workshops on a range of subjects for elementary schools. Presented in an interactive style by a dynamic teacher, these workshops will awaken kids’ passion for the sciences.

Choose from a number of workshop topics. Each two-hour workshop includes an introduction to the scientific method, the various engineering families, a demonstration, a construction project and coding manipulation.

To sign up and learn about workshop fees, please call 514 340-5856 or e-mail us at folietechnique@polymtl.ca.

Please note that this activity is only available during the month of May.

Demonstrations (please choose one).

Demonstration 1: Aerospace
How does a rocket work? And the planes, they? The principles of aerodynamics will take you to the sun! Space will have no more secrets for you ... do you board?

Demonstration 2: Liquid nitrogen
Explore the phenomenal properties of liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of -270 degrees Celsius, through spectacular experiments. What happens at that temperature? Discover the world of superconductors and magnetic levitation!

Demonstration 3: Digital Cyber
What do big search engines like Google do? What is the internet? What can we put on the internet? Thanks to cyber security measures and the basics of computer coding, we can demystify everything! We can even run minirobots!

Demonstration 4: Energy and environment
What is energy? You can not see or touch it ... Are there different energies? Some are renewable others not ... It is rather fascinating to see how much energy is present in our lives, from roller coasters to the sun, it will be possible to understand the principles of energy and its impact on the environment!

Demonstration 5: Laser and waves
Holograms, laser surgeries, telecommunications and even Star Wars-style light sabres: laser technologies seem to have come to us from the future. Is this all just science fiction? How do we separate reality from the imaginary? How do waves travel? Get answers to all your questions when you take a trip into the world of optics.

Demonstration 6: Chemical reactions
What is an atom? What is an element? Dive into the world of chemistry. Through visual demonstrations, discover a number of physical and chemical reactions... and who knows, maybe even an explosion!


Building things (please choose one)

C1: Boomerang (aerodynamics)
Discover the principles of aerodynamics by building a boomerang.

C2: Wind turbine (renewable energy)
Create your own wind turbine and use wind energy to spin it.

C3: 3D Glasses (stereoscopy)
Make your own 3D glasses.

C4: Snake (electrical circuit)
Build an electrical circuit that will become a fun educational game.

C5: Telegraph (electrical circuit)
With a simple electric circuit, send coded messages to your friends!