Entête Folie Technique


Folie Technique offers two-hour science workshops on a range of subjects for elementary schools. Presented in an interactive style by a dynamic teacher, these workshops will awaken kids’ passion for the sciences.

Choose from a number of workshop topics. Each two-hour workshop includes an introduction to the scientific method, the various engineering families, two demonstrations and a construction project.

To sign up and learn about workshop fees, please call 514 340-5856 or e-mail us at folietechnique@polymtl.ca.

Demonstrations (please choose two).

Demonstration 1: Simple machines
Through visual demonstrations, learn to understand simple machines and their multiple applications. What were the first machines invented by humans? How do they make our work and everyday lives easier? How can machines be combined?

Demonstration 2: Humans in space
Set off to conquer space and discover its thousands of secrets. How do rockets work? How do astronauts manage to live in space? What is the international space station?

Demonstration 3: Laser and waves
Holograms, laser surgeries, telecommunications and even Star Wars-style light sabres: laser technologies seem to have come to us from the future. Is this all just science fiction? How do we separate reality from the imaginary? How do waves travel? Get answers to all your questions when you take a trip into the world of optics.

Demonstration 4: Magnetism
What is a magnet? How does it work? This demonstration will demystify the Earth’s magnetic field, magnets and compasses, ferromagnetic materials, turbines and even magnetic levitation trains.

Demonstration 5: Liquid nitrogen
Explore the phenomenal properties of liquid nitrogen, at a temperature of -270 degrees Celsius, through spectacular experiments. What happens at that temperature? Discover the world of superconductors and magnetic levitation!

Demonstration 6: Energy
What is energy? We can’t see it or touch it... we just know that we have a lot of it when we eat candy! What is it used for? By following Mr. Joule through his day, you’ll learn about the principle of energy and its transformations, which are crucial to life.

Demonstration 7: Chemical reactions
What is an atom? What is an element? Dive into the world of chemistry. Through visual demonstrations, discover a number of physical and chemical reactions... and who knows, maybe even an explosion!

Demonstration 8: Computers
These days, computers are getting smaller and smaller. Learn the history of computers over the course of their evolution. What are all those parts for? How do they work? After their history, learn about the new technologies in the field.

Demonstration 9: Environment
Discover the impacts of our lifestyle on the environment. What are the effects of pollution on the environment? How do recycling and composting work? Explore a range of renewable energies, through to their transformation into electricity.

Demonstration 10: Electricity
Electricity is a key part of our everyday lives. But how does it work? How was it discovered? Explore this mysterious world, from static electricity through to the making of a battery.

Building things (please choose one)

C1: Telegraph (electrical circuit): With a simple electric circuit, send coded messages to your friends!

C2: Loudspeaker (magnetic field): listen to your favourite music using a magnetic field.

C3: Snake (electrical circuit): Build an electrical circuit that will become a fun educational game.

C4: Boomerang (aerodynamics): Discover the principles of aerodynamics by building a boomerang.

C5: 3D Glasses (stereoscopy): Make your own 3D glasses.

C6: Mandolin (sound and waves): When you build this musical instrument, you’ll learn about waves and how they move.

C7: Magnetic labyrinth (magnetic field): Using a magnetic field, you’ll find the way out of the labyrinth.