Entête Folie Technique


This year, Professor Polynume's Challenge has a new look! It now combines an interactive experience that solicits students' mathematical skills and a two-dimensional construction activity that will test their ingenuity as well as their team spirit. Always animated by animators of Folie Technique, the Challenge of Professor Polynume is an educational activity at the same time innovative, playful and educational.

Originally, the activity was developed by a professor of mathematics at Polytechnique Montreal, this activity uses both mathematical knowledge and skills recommended by the high school mathematics program. Realized as a team, the Challenge allows each member to make a personal contribution. Two math quizzes allow youth to accumulate pieces of different shapes that will be used in the final build to determine the winning team. Thus, the practical side and the theoretical side of mathematics intermingle harmoniously.

The Challenge is integrated progressively for young people attending public schools on the Island of Montréal from disadvantaged and multi-ethnic communities. The primary goal is to help these young people overcome obstacles to carrying out a project to its conclusion, boosting their self-confidence along the way. To do this, Professor Polynume’s Challenge is carried out within small learning communities, provides stimulus beyond the teaching content offered in class, and helps address concrete needs within society.

The Challenge promotes participants’ self-esteem, awakens a feeling of accomplishment, and provides access to practical, enriching learning opportunities that are normally inaccessible to these young people. This positive reinforcement is highly beneficial as a measure against dropping out of school, among other things.

Professor Polynume’s Challenge is a free activity that takes place within a single classroom period. Aimed at secondary 1 students, the activity is offered to all schools on the Island of Montréal.